27 March 2013

An open letter to the Mr. President


An open letter to the Mr. President:
U.S. President: Barack Obama
Google President: Lawrence "Larry" Page
Indonesian President: Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono


with Regards,

I would like to ask for help you to click on the ads on this blog with the aim to alleviate poverty in Indonesia.

Indonesian youth, should focus on building the nation, they do not need to consider how they become older.

For that, they must be guaranteed life when old age by giving retirement.

I started today by giving pensions to the elderly poor and gradually the pension will be given to all parents in Indonesia and
around the world.

This program knows no ethnic, religious and racial, non-profit and non-partisan.

Besides you can contribute by clicking on the ads on this blog, you may submit a donation to retire poor parents across Indonesia on account number below:

Imam Wahjono BANK BRI LENGKONG BRANCH Lengkong NGANJUK A/C No: 3752-01-000662-50-7.

Thank you to Mr. President for the donation.


Founder of the Foundation Pensions for the Elderly Poor (FPEP)
Address: JL Tangkis Timur 5 Lengkong
              Nganjuk Jawa Timur

Phone: 0815 152 93 153
           089 77 98 4 99 0
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