24 June 2012

This Blog Is END

This blog is over. I do not want to extend to writing about the tragedy behind of Sukhoi Crash and Fokker 27 A 2708 in this blog. Besides going to hurt the victims of Compton Effect will also be painful for me. 

And I do not force you to believe the stories in this blog. I also never manipulate the story here.  

This pure will of God. I'm not a psychic, witchcraft, sorcery, shamans, psychics, braggart, forecasters and similar. I just experts an electrical engineer  and I am not an expert to engineering a story .  

You must believe it or not. It is your right. God clearly more expert than I who only make assumptions based on my expertised.

Here I just wanted to convey the message of God to us all, so you should never do injustice in this earth because it will be painful for everyone.

Wrath of God it hurts like the message of Allah in Al Qur'an. We should be cautious in how to live it so as not to do injustice.

For those who have been oppressed person, immediately upon God for mercy and beg forgiveness from those who have been wronged.

I also reminded to the Indonesian Journalis's people and the reporters working in Indonesia who have been silenced the message of God, so long as it works you have to be careful. Do not forget to says "Bismillah".

This is The Message from GOD (Allah) :

 "And fear of punishment that is not specifically override the wrongdoers among you, and know that Allah is severe in punishment." (Al-Anfal 8:25).

 "Dan peliharalah dirimu dari siksaan yang tidak khusus menimpa orang-orang yang zalim saja di antara kamu dan ketahuilah bahwa Allah amat keras siksaan-Nya." (Al-Anfaal 8:25).

Thanks for my "virtual" friend also who help me, thanks to all of you to visit and attention to this blog.

IWahjono ,Eng
Victim of UU-ITE (Indonesian Electronics Transaction Information Laws) on 13.12.2008
Jl Tangkis Timur 5 Lengkong
Nganjuk-Jawa Timur
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"You should to preach the message of this to everyone that we believe in Allah"