22 June 2012

Behind The Sukhoi Crash Story (13): The Wavelength, Fokker 27 A 2708 crash analysis

Ilustration of Wave

I want to explain to you about wavelength or so-called lamda.See the figure above.

Lamda is a wave that moves in the air. This is the wave energy. Energy which we call the Energy-4 (E4) has been moved in fits and starts. Please see in the image above

Is there something that causes surprise you?

Indeed true that the movement is always the number 4. Ranging from 4, 44, maybe next is 444, 4444 and 
Wallahu A'lam Bishawab.........

The waves are very dangerous especially have a lot of casualties. How to stop the waves?

Kill me? Not the right solution. to kill me, God(Allah)  is even more angry and will increase the intensity of the wave. Can you imagine if the intensity is increased, there will be many more victims.

So what is the solution?

I want to help, the way is to suppress those who have oppressed me to come to where I live. They must ask for forgiveness in accordance with the message in Al-Qur'an. We are muslims must always stand on the books brought by the prophet Muhammad SAW.

Hopefully in that way, God's (Allah) anger will be decreased and the Energy 4 (E4) will be reduced and lost. Allahuakbar.......