20 June 2012

Behind The Sukhoi Crash Story (3): Indonesia Should Filled of The Sukhoi Crash

Muhammad SAW said:

"Verily Allah will not punish the general public because of what certain people up to public view "munkar" (wrongly) in front of them while they are able to deny it but they do not deny it. If they do that then God will punish the general public and certain people were." (Reported by Ahmad and ath-Thabrani).

Sukhoi crash is a punishment from God(Allah) because they know that an injustice occurred but did not want to help, including the mass media in Indonesia.The mass media in Indonesia silenced this case because they fear against TransTV.That is way the victims of Sukhoi crash is News reporter from TransTV.Now they know the consequences because they challenged their God(Allah).

With a small case like this, God was angry with them. They ignore the Allah messages.How is people in Indonesia who
feel wronged by the authorities (goverment) to pray like IW?

Now, IW have the power from God to destroy those who do not heed the message from Allah. How if 40 million poor people in Indonesia pray to Allah?250 million people of Indonesia will die because they ignore the messages from Allah.

Many rulers who oppressed the people with corruption, the use of military forces and police, to suppress the people and those who know only tyranny of rulers silent look at the people.They challenge the GOD (Allah).

Indonesia will be the same with Sriwijaya Kingdom or Majapahit Kingdom.Disappeared from the world map.Why?

See my explanations:
The Date of Independence of Indonesia is 17.8.1945 .See what happened to the date of independence: (1+7+8+1+9+4+5)=35 let's count (3+5)=8 devided by 2 is 4.See what happens with their date: (1+7)=8 devided by 2 is 4.Also the month: 8 devided by 2 is 4.

Indonesia will never prosper, prosperous and secure because of bad fate according to figures of their Independence.

This is different with America Independence Day which fall on 4 Juli 1776.Let's count that day.(4+7+1+7+7+6)=32 count again (3+2)=5.God (Allah) also has hinted that the Gods love with odd numbers such as the number 5 (prayer 5 times a day).These numbers make America safe country, although many symbols that contain the number 13:

Symbol insertion point 13 of the largest in human history made ​​the Geometrian into the emblem of the United States. The Seal of the United States of America consists of two sides (Eagles and Pyramid Illuminati) loaded with the number 13. Here's the proof:

13 stars above the eagle's head to form the Star of David.
13 lines on the shield or shields birds.
13 olive leaves in the bird's right leg.
13 points are sticking olives on the sidelines of the olive leaf.
13 arrows.
13 feathers on the tip of the arrow.
13 letters that make up the phrase 'Annuit Coeptis'
13 letters that make up the phrase 'E pluribus unum'
13 layers of rock that make up the pyramid.
13 X 9 points around the Star of David on the head of the Eagle.

Sources: http://surgaberita.blogspot.com/2012/03/misteri-dan-mitos-dibalik-angka-4-13.html

How about Indonesia with 90% muslim?Did you still ignore the messages from Allah? wait doom that would befall!!!!

To American people, I want to be interviewed by The TV in the U.S. because in Indonesia this case was sealed by the Indonesian press.Thank you for visit our blog.