20 June 2012

Behind The Sukhoi Crash Story (2): Many 4 at The Sukhoi Crash.Why?

Many hotels and luxury aparteman not provide room and elevator number 4. Any type of mobile phone is never preceded by the number 4. Many luxury housing in Surabaya which was inhabited by ethnic china also does not provide a house number 4. What's up with number 4?

Mythical figure so bad that he said illustrated the chair upside down and the sum of the number 13 (1 +3 = 4) of this? According to feng shui (CHINA tradition) and forecasts, the number four is pronounced (se) also has another meaning, namely death or misfortune. There's even a hotel in Jakarta where the owner was so confident of the zodiac feng shui forecast, so in the entire hotel owned none of the numbers 4, ranging from number of bedroom  and number of elevator. Numbers can add up to 4 who were already eliminated altogether such as lifting 13 (1 +3) or 22 (2 +2).

Sources: http://surgaberita.blogspot.com/2012/03/misteri-dan-mitos-dibalik-angka-4-13.html  

And believe it or not,that a lot of number 4 in Sukhoi crash.See look at this:

1.The Tail Flight Number of Sukhoi Aircraft is 97004.Number 4 was followed....?
2.If that tail number calculated sequentially like 9+7+0+0+4=20 try devided by 5 is 4.Number 4 was followed....?
3.Sukhoi pilot lowered the aircraft altitude of 10.000 feet to 6.000 feet.It is mean 10.000-6.000=4.000 feet.Number 4 was followed....?
4.See the Mountain of Gunung Salak countur.It's like number 4.And also see the crash poin.That is like cross in the number 4.Number 4 was followed....?And many more....

As you know the owner of TransTV (CT Corporation), Mr Chairul Tanjung, One of The Rich Man from Indonesia, called CT, believe that number 4 is bad to his business.

TransTV had an unpleasant experience with a number 4.Fires occurred on the 4th floor and studio 4.They changed the number 4 with 3A...

But unfortunately they forgot when fired IW. See what happens...
IW fired on 3 Februari 2006 or 3.2.2006 from TransTV.Try to add up the numbers:(3+2+2+0+0+6)=13...So you can count the number 1 and 3.That is 4 right?Number 4 was followed....?

Also the second time they do more mistake to IW at the arrested date.The Police do the operation to arrest since 4 Desember 2008.Number 4 still followed....

The unit of Cyber Crime Police from Polda Metro Jaya Jakarta who arrest IW is number IV or 4.Number 4 still followed....

Than the date of arrested: 13 Desember 2008 or 13.12.2008.See the date is 13.Try to count.Is 4 right?

And than try add that number: 13.12.2008 (1+3+1+2+2+0+0+8)=17 try count again (1+7)=8 try devided by 2.Is 4 right?Number 4 still followed....?

And finally count the 13.12.2008.This is 'i don't know' It's like something???mistery.Try to count (1+8)=9 ,(3+2)=5, (1+0)=1 and (2+0)=2.

You know that Sukhoi Crash on 9(9) Mei (5) 2012 (12). 

WHY?You Believe It Or Not?

I have a hunch with CT CORP.In English the C pronounced (Se).In China (se) is 4.Soo try to guess....

To Mr CT...You Believe It?You know me,We ever meet in Batam 22 November 2002.Remember that?

"Hi.... to American People who visit to this blog,I know you very interesting with this story.Say to Obama about this.I need help" from IW-08977984990 (See my phone number?97 and 4?That is my unit phone number not a Sukhoi number! And my name is Imam but I am not a radical muslim or a terrorist.Believe me)