24 July 2013

GSM Hacking: Cara membuat alat penyadap HP GSM dengan Siemens A50 (Bagian 13)

EGold+ PMB6850 , IC untuk HP JADUL Siemens A50, TOP SECRET Classification ! KEREN BOK !

Rupanya tidak mudah mendapatkan informasi tentang IC EGold+ yang memiliki seri PMB6850. Dengan bantuan beberapa kontak serta searching di internet, TETAP saja IC tersebut rupanya sangat dirahasiakan.

He he he TANTANGAN KHAN kalau sudah begitu.

Mas IW tidak menyerah dengan faktor kerahasiaan yang dibuat oleh pabrikan Infineon, perusahaan yang memproduksi seri Infineon PMB6850 atau disebut EGold+. Meskipun HP nya sudah JADUL tetapi rupanya Siemens A50 itu produk yang sangat dirahasiakan keberadaannya.

Berikut kontak yang dilakukan oleh Mas IW:

Siemens controller PMB6850 (E-Gold) Datasheet wanted:
Hi there,
I can not find detailed information about this chip on the net.
Looked at the infineon site but they only have general information.


Ok. The problem is, the specs for this processor (as far as I have them
here) are marked as 'confidential', i.e. are probably only available
under NDA. That Infineon doesn't want to deal with you is unfortunate,
but also predictable. There is a lot of stuff you could do given this
information (no, I personally don't believe in security through
obscurity - but that doesn't come into play in this case) and that
probably includes dealing with SIMlocks and GSM encryption.
If you just want to add telemetry, I'd suggest using an external uC and
the standard interface of your phone or OEM unit. It _is_ easier that
way (unless you want to get at the raw GSM data from the RX). Sorry, but
I can't help you there.
Bye Markus

So, ternyata HACKING itu SUSAH ya.........he he he he